Guadalupe, Mexico

This retreat is designed to be a VERY deep healing container. We expect you to get a LOT out of it. We challenge you to participate as much as possible so that you can maximize the impact. It will be  worth more for you by joining our container, than going to occasional ceremonies that come through the area.


  • Drug and alcohol detox with Ibogaine
  • Kambo Trainings
  •  Cacao Ceremonies
  •  Iboga Ceremonies
  • Protecting and clearing vapor bath


  • Healing With Vibro Acustic Sound Lounge
  • Massage and Reiki 
  • Hypnotherapy
  • Chakra Balancing with Guided Visualization 
  • A.R.M’s Reach Intuitive Massage
  • Astrology
  • Nutrition Consulting

Please make sure and carefully read this ENTIRE page. There will be a number of medicines offered by different facilitators and the goal is not to necessarily come and do them all. However it is possible to participate in multiple ceremonies and trainings. Based on your needs, we will structure it so you can plan accordingly in a safe and effective way.

There will also be payment plans on a case by case basis for people in need.


We’ve structured this gathering so that people can attend the full retreat or just a part of it. It is not intended so you come and do all the medicines available.

Because of the depth of the work we will be doing, we will have plenty of time and resources for you afterwards, so that you have the support to fully integrate the work you will do. We have a big team of facilitators at your disposal.


Guadalupe Mexico Retreat May 30 – June 6th

May 30 Orientation
May 31 & June 1 Kambo Training
June 2 Integration class, Cacao Ceremony, Hapé Ceremony
June 3 Iboga Ceremony
June 4 & 5 Iboga Integration
June 6 Kambo/Bufo

 Our intention is to offer you the opportunity to completely reset your body, mind, and spirit. More than ever, we need to care for our health so that we can be fully present for ourselves, our families, friends, and community. With that in mind, we will be offering various medicines in a specific order.

We are creating this framework so that you can pick and choose which medicine you’d like to connect with. Kambo is a powerful tool to completely reset the body and works in synergy with Bufo and Iboga for deeper integration and clearing the entire system of toxic behavior and thought patterns.

We are very protective of these medicines and our community, so participants receiving one or several of these medicines will be carefully selected on a case-by-case basis.

We need all participants to sign a medical waiver as well as a Non-Disclosure Agreement so people can be as open and vulnerable as possible. Because of Covid-19 we will require participants to not attend if experiencing any symptoms.


Vapor Baths

Herbal vapor baths are extremely detoxifying and healing to our bodies. The steam helps open the pores of the body and remove toxins. The vapor bath works to  align the primary functional energies of the body and bring us into balance. This can help prepare our bodies to better receive medicines. The types of herbs used will vary from patient to patient and the herbal blend can be taken home and used in traditional baths. We have a variety of herbs from the jungle as well as from North America. Some herbs include eucalyptus, lavender, yarrow, rose, chamomile, sage, ayauma, catahua, toe, pataquina negra, and pinon colorado. As we cleanse ourselves we prepare a channel that gives us a deeper understanding into the specific power and conscious energy of plant life. For convenience, we will be using a travel size steam sauna to administer the herbs. Each Session will last between 20-30 minutes.

Private consultation $20

Steam Bath $20


Body Memory Release

Through out our life we have expierences emotionally both good and bad that cause a disturbance or blockage in our energetic body in turn causing us physical pain or aliments through out our physical body. In this 60-90min massage i will use reiki, acupressure, and my intuitve abilities to help bring you to be conciously aware of ur thoughts while tapping into your energy to identify what memory or accurance that is causing the disturbance or pain so that we are able to release your physical body of the pain and ur energetic body of the emotional attachment.

–Minimum donation 125.00 $

–Regular price is 190.00 $

–Sessions run about   60-90 mins


Suffer from anxiety? want to quit smoking? want to take a journey through ur subconcious mind in to a past life ? hypnotherapy is designed to help reset or unlock the inner parts to your subconsious mind to discover those things about us that we find difficulty in accepting in our consicous state.

–Minimum donation 100$

–Regular asking price 200$

–Session runs about 90 min.


In this session ur energetic body will be doing the work as i will be used as a channel to draw life force energy through me and channeling it to the parts of your body that need life force energy to replenish your energetic body and remove blockages that keep us from aligning with our true self.

–Minimum Donation 35.00

–Regular asking price 65.00

–Sessions run about  30 mins

Chakra Balancing w/ Guided visualization

Using reiki we will unblock the flow of energy that flows through out the 7 main points energetic points in our body using guided visualization and life force energy we get the energetic flow in your body flowing freely.



Project Lazarus is an initiative to connect with like-minded people who want to heal and evolve. We do this through creating awareness of subconscious blockages via Astrology and coaching; physical body manipulation through vibro-acoustic technology, Fascial Stretch therapy and postural corrective exercise & accountability. We use Microscopy to identify imbalances in the body at the cellular level in an integrated and whole-istic nature. These modalities paint a picture to comprehend a full complete picture of what is going on in your life and consciousness.


Once the awareness is brought to the surface, we are able to  use magical Amazonian Medicines that work with the cellular structure of the body and mind and purge out physical, emotional and energetic impurities. Once these impurities, or “imbalances” are corrected, the client will feel lighter, balanced physically and emotionally with a still mind. This “reset” allows the client to have an experiential reference point to come back to when the inevitable life test comes to challenge this balanced state.


Once we identify, clear and purge what no longer serves us, we now sit in a space of neutrality. Clear in mind and spirit, fully in the present moment, this is the place to make the choices necessary to create the life you want to live. From this moment on, you are REBORN, here we have the Opportunity Community (OC) where we hold each-other accountable, support, network and uplift each-other to stay on course to achieve the goals and experiences you want to achieve.

Within the OC you will find a multitude of services and opportunities to grow, be held accountable and network with like minded people that are navigating life’s lessons much like yourself. Not only will you receive 30% off of all services, you have access to the 4 Week Transformational Protocol: A DIY duplicatable coaching program designed to help you structure your new life.

Weekly Accountability Zoom meetings that are uploaded to the website consistently.

A Forum board to connect with other members of the community, we have people all over the world that are building businesses, healing, growing, teaching and you can connect with them all!

The Daily Energy Reports to keep yourself in check with what is going on in the Cosmos.


Astrology Level 1

30 minute long session. We dive deep into your birth chart, looking at the esoteric meaning behind why your soul chose to incarnate into this lifetime. We will look at the positive and negative traits of your habits and personality and I will give you guidance on how to navigate your conscious and subconscious behavior patterns efficiently. I will also go into the numerology of significance in your birth chart putting another layer into the meaning behind who you are and who you are destined to become.


Astrology Level 2

60 minute long session. Level 2 will be all the information you receive in level 1, plus we will go into your progressed chart, this will show where your soul energy is now and what lessons and habits you are meant to face and work through during these changing times. This will show approximately the next 6-9 months of situations and challenges that you will face in this chapter of your life.


Astrology Level 3

90 minute long session. This will include everything in level 1 and 2, plus either:

(1.) a Karmic Location Identifier (up to 3 locations if you are planning on moving) This will show the energies of the location that you live and we will compare that with the current energies to see how the location you live, or where you want to live, will affect your growth or lack thereof. Or…

(2.) A synastry chart with you and up to 2 others. This could be anyone you want to understand your connection with better, what you are supposed to teach each other, learning lessons and how to navigate compatibility.



Cellular Microscopy: “Flow Systems Auditing”

Viewing blood under the microscope gives an education on the qualitative perspective of an individual’s underlying biology. It’s a reflection of the internal “biological terrain” – the “milieu” – of one very important fluid compartment, the blood. But behind the microscope picture lie numbers that can quantify the nature of the picture and point an individual or practitioner in a direction to examine primary homeostatic balance points that strongly affect health.

These balance points, whether in balance or out of balance, can be key to knowing whether an individual has the immune capacity at all levels to bring dynamic health or will have trouble until things are corrected. For practitioners this is the next step for spot-on clinical clarity and client education.

Basic: $100

~Live blood Audit

~Dry Blood Audit

Here we explore the Live and dry blood assessment, this will take approximately 30-45 minutes and give you the Qualitative perspective of the terrain of the blood which is a biochemical representation of the consciousness. If you are in good health and want an edge on what to do to optimize your health, or have specific questions about something going on in your body, this is the option for you!

Extensive: $200

~ANS (Autonomic Nervous System) Assessment

Resting SpO2

BP/Pulse Rate

Body Temperature

Urine/Saliva Conductivity

Specific Gravity test

~Live Blood Audit

~Dry Blood Audit

~Urin Audit

~Dental Audit

Here we will go into both Qualitative and Quantitative aspects of the terrain in the body. This means we test multiple levels of autonomic functioning to dig deeper into the cellular imbalances by testing and assessing other fluids and systems. This process is necessary if you have autoimmune imbalances,  or if you have been to many doctors and they cannot seem to figure it out.  The extensive protocol will take 60-90 minutes and be a deep dive into the biochemical terrain of the body. If you want to know exactly what is going on in your body and how this is impacting your mind, this is the option for you!


Healing w/ Vibro-acoustic Sound Lounge technology

Sound Lounge Experience (1 hour)

Vibroacoustic sound lounge technology generates a soothing three-dimensional motion delivered to your body through the use of combination of audio transducers, headphones and/or ambient speakers. The technology delivers non-invasive massage-like mechanical stimulation through audio frequency which relaxes the body and soothes the mind. This allows your body to find a relaxed state of being through a natural form of sound. Many of us are looking for a safe way to relax, to escape or balance out our day.


Sound Lounge Energetic Bodywork

Using the Vibro-acoustic technology to relax the body and mind, I move you through a process of Fascial Stretching, Breath-work and Shamanic Energy work. Focusing on opening and optimizing the fascial meridians, this experience will open your body up similar to an assisted Yin Yoga session with added vibration to optimize and enhance the efficacy of the relaxation process. If you want aches and pains to disappear in your body then this is the option for you!



A.R.Ms Reach Intuitive Massage

A mix of techniques to guide me its a unique experience and something that is different every time but i will use you and your body to guide me to the places that need work and to receive whatever messages spirit leads me to that may need to be brought to ur attention .

-Minimum donation 150.00

-Regular price is 250.00 $

–Sessions are usually no less then 90 mins and go until ur body is telling me it has gotten all that it needs


We will be lodging in a house. Rooms will be shared and there will be some communal sleeping. Those who are staying for the entire retreat will have priority of sleeping arrangements. Location of the retreat will be given a few days before the retreat.


Kambo Training

  • From 9:30am until 3-5pm (depending on the group)
  • Do not eat breakfast or drink coffee the morning of the Kambo training.
  • Bring snacks and fruit to share

Bufo Sessions

  • Bufo starts at 3pm-11pm (about 30-40 minutes for each session)
  • Bring light snacks, fruit, and berries to share with the group.
  • Minimal eating and snacking with a recommend three-hour fast before Bufo.
  • Healthy smoothie or juice to drink after

Iboga ceremony

  • 5pm until the morning with integration and relaxation for 1-2 days after.
  • Last meal should be finished at 1pm
  • Avoid coffee all day

Ayahuasca ceremony

  • Ayahuasca 7pm.  Please arrive no later than 5pm so you can settle in and prepare.
  • Avoid coffee the morning of

Cacao ceremony

  • Cacao Ceremony 3pm
  • Don’t eat past 1pm 

Drug and Alcohol Detox with Ibogaine

  • Arrival 12pm
  • Don’t eat past 2pm
  • Avoid all stimulants, including coffee
  • Detox will begin at sunset and go through the entire night.





*If you wish to attend Iboga and Ayahuasca, you may attend Ayahuasca one week after you finish Iboga




*Food will be provided. However, we ask that you bring fruit and snacks to share with the group.



Kambo Training $900 

Kambo Session $150

Bufo Session $250

Iboga Ceremony $1,600 

Cacao ceremony $25

Ibogaine Detox $5,000


Reiki $35-$65

 Hypnotherapy $100-$200

Massage $125-$190

A.R.M’s Reach Intuitive Massage $125-$250

Astrology $150-$300

Nutrition $100-$200

Healing with Vibro Acustic Sound Lounge $50-$150


Kambo training,  Vapor baths, 1 Iboga Ceremony, 1 Cacao ceremony, 1 Bufo Session




3 Kambo sessions, Vapor baths, 1 Iboga, 2 Bufo sessions


We do not want to turn anyone away because of finances. If you need FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE, please email us to discuss a payment plan.