** Andean Priest **

Born in Cusco, the capital of the Incas, Moises Aragon “Illaq Wayra” is a master in archaeology, author, adventurer, Andean priest, therapist, life coach, international speaker and accomplished photographer.

Moises has worked and consulted at Machu Picchu and is credited with discovering more than forty new sites there. He has an intimate understanding of the ancient technologies that were used at various Andean sites and has lectured on this topic for the past 35 years. He also trained in the remote jungles of Mantalo and Shivangoreni, with the Machiguenga and Ashaninka tribes to understand their use of plant-based medicines.

At a young age Moises was initiated into the ancient arts of the Incas. “As a child I was mesmerized by all this knowledge. I also discovered then my sensitiveness and intuition. I always felt there was more to what we could see and imagine.” His destiny was almost pre-ordained as he was born into a family of academics. His father is an anthropologist and also an Andean curandero, a third-generation healer and scholar.

Moises has dedicated his life to recovering, translating and sharing with all of humanity, ancient Incan healing knowledge and wisdom.

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