Kambo Healing Me's Western World team are based state-side and organize, attend and host our various ceremonies and retreats. They often act as trainers and/or servers, honoring the spirit of the frog in all they do and are 100% committed to "giving back" to the tribes. As travelers on their own healing paths, our Western team is dedicated to bringing their personal experiences to bear in the experiences they create for others.

Bryce Draper

BRYCE DRAPER ** Founder ** Bryce Draper is the founder of Kambo Healing Me and is an avid practitioner of Kambo and other natural medicines. He has developed a profound relationship with many tribes in the Amazon, specifically the Matses and Yaguas, from where these...

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Based in the Amazonian basin, Kambo Healing Me's Ancestral World team is made up largely of tribes members from the Matses and Yaguas tribes. Due to the trust and bond that they share with Kambo Healing Me, cultivated over the span of many years, this endangered and persecuted group of shamans, hunters, healers, and craftspeople are willing to share their medicinal practices and ancient secrets with the Western World. 

Moises Aragon “Illaq Wayra”

MOISES ARAGON “Illaq Wayra” ** Andean Priest ** Born in Cusco, the capital of the Incas, Moises Aragon “Illaq Wayra” is a master in archaeology, author, adventurer, Andean priest, therapist, life coach, international speaker and accomplished photographer. Moises has...

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Daniel Bai Coya Laurin

Daniel Bai Coya Laurin ** Warrior and Shaman ** Prior to first contact (in 1969), the Matses did not keep track of their ages, but we estimate that Daniel is at least 70 years old. He is a respected elder, in part because as a young man he participated in the sorties...

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Liliana Tupa Jiménez Dësi

Liliana Tupa Jiménez Dës ** Expert Craftswoman ** Liliana is one of Cesar’s wives and Lucho’s younger sister. She is an expert at producing traditional handicrafts, including skirts and purses knitted from chambira twine, spinning cotton, and traditional body...

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Joaquin Tëca Rojas René

 Joaquin Tëca Rojas René ** Natural history expert and Shaman ** Joaquin is an accomplished hunter and an avid observer of nature. He is particularly talented at explaining animal natural history in clear terms, and pointing out interesting or comical aspects of...

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Antonio Manquid Jiménez Tafur

Antonio Manquid Jiménez Tafur ** Shaman and Hunter ** Antonio was the chief of San Juan for many years, but recently stepped down to let his brother take over the position (but Antonio still calls the shots at San Juan).  Antonio is undisputedly the best Shaman on the...

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César Nacua Uaqui Canshë

César Nacua Uaqui Canshë ** Shaman ~ Natural History Expert ** César is considered by the Matses to be the foremost expert on the behavior of all animals.  He is particularly talented at relating animal behavior in engaging narratives; for example, rather than listing...

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Salomé Unan Dëis Huanin

Salomé Unan Dëis Huanin ** Master Craftswoman ~ Midwife ~ Hunter ** Salomé who is from the Kulina-Pano tribe, was captured by Matses warriors when she was a young woman.  The Matses often comment that she has mastered the fabrication of traditional Matses handicrafts...

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Marina Ëshco Bai Unan

Marina Ëshco Bai Unan ** Master Craftswoman ** Marina, like her mother Salomé, is an expert at fabricating all of the Matses traditional artifacts, and also at teaching others to make them.  Among the handicrafts she regularly produces are uitsun wristbands, hammocks,...

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Luis (“Lucho”) Dunu Jiménez Dësi

Luis (“Lucho”) Dunu Jiménez Dësi ** Matses Medicine Man ~ Hunter **  Lucho started learning to hunt and to collect medicinal plants at an exceptionally young age (about 12, when his mother died). Today he is among the 3 most respected Matses medicine men and an ...

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