The Matsés Acate-Kambo Academy offers much more than just training or skill-development – it also provides an opportunity for life empowerment and spiritual awakening. Our Academy trainees will learn to become more authentic to their true self, have more integrity, and evolve into better people.



Learning Kambo on your own, or through westernized schools can only take you so far. There is more to Kambo than learning specific protocols and the majority of Kambo practitioners have never been to the tribes or even held a frog in their hands.

Our Academy is the right fit for people who want to learn from the source, experience true initiation and shamanic training.  


As you go through your training journey, you will not only learn how to serve Kambo, you will become a doctor of many plants and learn how to use them – alongside Kambo – to heal many different ailments and learn how to navigate contraindications you may read on the internet. You will learn how to properly clear the energy of yourself and others, so you can do this work effectively and long term. We aim to create a class of healers that have access to a deep connection to themselves, this work, and the traditions that have carried them from the beginning. 

We are creating a new class of prestigious healers and providing access to a deeper connection than has ever been available before.


At Kambo Healing Me, we do not believe Kambo should be served after a short term course or “certification.” Many organizations offer programs that are separated into levels, provide self proclaimed “certificates” and create a lot of hype around why they are the best. We believe that Kambo is a life path: not something you can learn in just a few weeks – and not something you can acquire a certificate for. Kambo is from the jungle and the tribes that work with them don’t certify people. Rather, there is a process of initiation for those that wish to fully embody the spirit of Kambo and receive a direct blessing from the Tribes who carry it.

Those interested in our full program should not plan to get a certification within a week or two. We encourage fellow practitioners to build a true relationship with this medicine, so they can serve it with integrity and love, not merely for money, personal gain or ego.

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As a result of the bond, trust, shared goals and collaboration that we have developed with the tribes, you can trust that what you receive through our Academy will be given back to this ancient and endangered community. You will learn directly from the tribes and will be supporting them financially. Empowering and supporting the tribes is our priority, so they can continue to protect the Amazon along with these sacred medicines.

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