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Sananga, “Becchete” (Tabernaemontana undulata) is an ancient plant medicine used by the indigenous tribes of the Amazon Basin. The liquid from the root is administered to the eyes and is said to enhance vision, night vision and the ability to energetically heighten spiritual awareness. The tribes use it also to guard against entities entering the eyes. This sacred plant medicine has been used to treat glaucoma, stigmatism, cataracts, and other diseases of the eyes. There are many accounts of people saying how shocked their eye doctors were that they healed their eyes.

This sacred plant medicine can also enhance the way we see ourselves and the world we live in. It is a powerful aid in perspective shifting, and developing clear spiritual sight. As it physically heals the eyes, it also energetically heightens them. Many grow a 6th sense as it heightens the “feeling” behind their sight, with higher intuition.


Sananga is often administered prior to and during ayahuasca ceremonies to enhance visions, as it opens the sixth chakra of the third eye.


When used, there is an intense stinging sensation in the eyes that lasts depending on the strength. Usually 2-5 minutes for mild and up to an hour for extremely strong. The stronger the stinging, the deeper the healing. However, using mild to medium will heal the eye and bring the energetic effects as well.

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