There are three potential levels to the Kambo Healing Me training. However, the medicines will continue teaching you for a lifetime.

Courses must be taken consecutively, with a minimum of three months between the first and second course and 6 months between the second and third course, so you have time to embody the spirit of the frog and integrate its messages, meanwhile building a deep and lasting relationship to the medicine and your work.

Course 1 - Actualization


Course 1 is designed for those who simply wish to learn how to self-administer, or for those who are ready to take the first step in becoming an advance or master proactitioner (server). During this Actualization course, you will build a personal relationship with Kambo firsthand. Course components include self-administering, practical safety guidelines, energetic clearing of self and space, initiation by a respected Andean priest and ongoing support from our team as you self-administer after completing the course. This course provides the opportunity to cultivate a strong foundation with Kambo, so that you can fully embody the energy if you serve to others in the future. 


Blank One


The main goal of Course 1 is to learn self-administration. During the program, you will serve yourself Kambo 4 times in different ways, to build a relationship and confidence when doing it alone

The Origin of the Healing Arts in the Andes

  • The Inkas and the development of the use of the plant medicine   

  • The regional Kingdoms and the diversity of master Plants.

  • The Ancient Healing Arts at the Inka Time.

  • The Initiation to become a Andean Priest. Karpay and Hatun Karpay

Holding Space

Learn to properly Hold Space:

  • What is Holding Space and what is not
  • Things you need to know about holding space
  • Safety
  • Suspended Self-Importance
  • Attention
  • Practicing Loving and Kindness
  • How to Protect yourself from these energies.
  • How to cleanse the accumulate heavy energy
  • Tools and Illas elements of power and protection.

Karpay: Ritual of the Initiation

Since ancient times in the Andes of Cusco, the navel of the world, The Inkas performed this ceremony for candidates who began their training to be an Andean Priest, (Shaman); the descendants of the Paqo Runes, Pampa Mesayoqs, Alto Mesayoqs, Kuraq Kakuly, received their INITIATION or permission to learn the Inka wisdom healing arts.

Anciently, the father, teacher, or mentor would initiate the candidate through a ritual ceremony, which would give the fundamental knowledge of their creation and the basis for achieving the honor of Paqo. This would also be recognized as such by the candidates people, maintaining his lineage of Illaq Runes.

For the first time in the United States we will have the opportunity to participate in this powerful ritual. You will authentically integrate this initiation to be part of this great brotherhood of Andean Priests. 

Energetic Cleansing

Energetic cleansing of your energy with various flower and plant baths, as well as sauna vapor baths from different shamanic plants. Removing any stagnant energy, black magic, accumulated energy from PREVIOUS healing ceremonies OR WORK. We want you to start your practice with a clean, energetic presence.

Nature Hikes

Optionalal nature hikes to watering holes in the area

Cassava & Plant Preparation

  • Instruction on making Cassava, juice, and water for serving Kambo
  • Instruction in working with Camalonga, tobacco, various plant incense for protection and clearing your energy field.

Kambo Community

Access to private online forum for all our trainees to ask questions about Kambo. You will be able to share concerns, comments and ask and receive answers to Kambo-related questions regarding safety, interactions and more.

Starter Kit

Each person will receive hapé/rapé, sananga, and Kambo for use in their personal ceremonies back home.

Upcoming Kambo Trainings

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Course 2 - Initiation


During Course 2, which takes place in the United States, you will become energetically initiated directly through the most powerful hunters, medicine men, women and elders of the Matsés tribe. You will learn how to properly serve Kambo to others – and will receive integral instruction on contraindications, safety, and trainings designed to better help you serve each person you work with.


Course 2 is projected to launch around the end of November 2019. We are in the process of acquiring visas for the Matsés elders and will post more information soon, including specific dates and locations. 

Course 3 - Immersion


During Course 3, you will be fully immersed in the Amazon. You will live in humble homes of the Matsés tribe on the border of Peru and Brazil. You will meet the frog first-hand, extract it’s medicine and learn from healers and hunters who do not consider their training duties a ‘job’ but rather a ‘way of life.’ This may require flying in on sea plane and traveling hours or days to the village. The locales will be extremely hard to access and the conditions will be difficult. It is not for the faint of heart and we will be very selective about who attends.


This program is expected to launch early-mid 2020. More information, including dates and specific locations, will be available soon.

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