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Bryce Draper is the founder of Kambo Healing Me and is an avid practitioner of Kambo and other natural medicines. He has developed a profound relationship with many tribes in the Amazon, specifically the Matses and Yaguas, from where these ancient medicines are derived. He became determined to bring these sacred medicines to the industrialized world while still maintaining the integrity with which they are served by the tribal elders. Bryce’s mission is to support the tribes and share the physical and spiritual benefits of Kambo, and other plant-medicines throughout the Western world. Bryce left a successful career as a model and actor to learn and work with Kambo and plant medicines. He founded Kambo Healing Me in 2014, offering regular Kambo ceremonies in and around California along with frequent retreats to the Amazonian basin, Bryce has since served Kambo to thousands of people and Kambo Healing Me ceremonies are now offered all over the World. In 2018 Bryce launched the Matses-Acate Training Academy, through which trainees have the opportunity to learn these sacred practices directly from the tribes, as he did himself. Bryce’s accomplishments in his field and his dedication to preserving the tribes and the the rainforest remain unparalleled. Bryce has become very close to many members of the Matses tribe. Together they work to preserve the Matses traditions and share kambo with the world accordingly. Bryce is an activist, filmmaker and businessman. He brings attention to the tribes’ needs and raises funds to help them save their lands and maintain their way of life.

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